My Freedom Story


First, I want to congratulate you on taking action in trying to improve your life. 

If you are here, then is highly likely that you want to improve some aspects of your life. Maybe you want more free time, more flexibility, financial freedom, more meaningful relationships and why not, all of them, and more 🙂

Read to the end and decide for your self if I can help you with that or not. 

At the age of 26, I left Romania and moved to Italy in search of a better life. And even though I found it, after 6 years I felt that it has to be more to life than just working and living a decent life. So I moved again, this time to Sweden.

All these years living in different countrys, I was in a search for a better life, and I often found it, but something was missing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who likes to decide for himself, to be free, to choose his lifestyle.

That’s why I felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied for not having enough time for my self, for my family and friends, not having the time and finances to travel as much as I desired, to do the things I love.

I felt stuck in a job, which at times could get quite physically demanding, waiting for the weekend to rest just to be able to work another week.

 It was nonsense to me!

So I started to look for opportunities to start a small business or a franchise. After doing some research I realized that I have a basic level of understanding of the system.

I decided to change the approach and focus on the online world, where nowadays, more than ever, are plenty of possibilities of educating yourself and starting your own Online Business.

This indeed seemed to be a much better alternative.

After some months of searching and gathering information, trial and error, I finally found what I was looking for. I found a digital education program that offered an incredible training system, free courses, support structure, a helping community, and the best mentors to create an Online Business opportunity.

What I like most about this program, is the mindset they are working with.

It starts with viewing things from a different perspective and obligates you to retrain your mind in the direction you are headed with the help of the community you are part of.

I have not reached my destination yet, my journey towards growth and freedom is still unfolding as part of the learning process that I’m implementing.

Now, you might be wondering why I am doing this and why is it so important to me? It is because I know how it feels to be stuck, hopeless and have a narrow horizon.

The simple answer is, I want to help you open up your possibilities the same way mine were opened and reach the full potential you are capable of.

The question is, have you had enough stuck and hopeless moments? If so, maybe its time for you to make some decisions and make some changes in your life .

If you believe this is a “get rich quick” thing, you are far from the truth. Success demands hard work and determination.

I believe humans can achieve much more of what they want if they want it bad enough.

If you are not willing to invest energy, time and capital towards changing your life, I encourage you to continue doing what you are currently doing and find a way to be content with it.

But, if you would like to know more, expand your knowledge, and truly make a difference in your everyday life, I am here to serve you the best I can.

My mission is to improve your existence by educating you on how you can start your Online Business too.

American author and speaker Neal Donald Walsch said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, and that’s where you should start.

Me and my beloved wife!

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