Alois Cochiorca

                                                                           DIGITAL MARKETER AND MARKETING ADVISER


I am Alois.

Self-improvement and continuously learning new things and skills are my greatest passions in life. What really inspires me is to support people by explaining and educating them about the huge possibilities in the digital world and how that could improve their lives.

In their present lives, many people feel stuck and are selling their time to make a living. Before I learned about digital marketing and how to create an internet business, this was for me as well the sole realistic method I knew.
Nowadays I teach people how to set up and launch their own online businesses as well as advising business owners on the benefits the online world has.

How I began

Currently, I work as a digital marketer and online marketing adviser, but when I was still working on my job, there were quite a few things I didn't like about it. Things like having to commute to my job, giving away my precious time for money, or being paid just being on the job and not for the value I added wasn't at all to my liking. I desired more spare time to be able to focus on my true interests. Including self-growth, fitness, and overall to have more time to relax with my loved ones. But in some way that seemed to be impossible to obtain.

Some time ago I was surfing the Internet looking for answers to my dilemma when I came on to a video on YouTube of a guy named Stuart Ross from England. I was fascinated that he was really enjoying the life that I imagined about. He had his online business in place and he traveled a lot. He welcomed me to a wonderful group of people with common interests as well as to a group of experienced coaches who knew exactly how to guide me in order to have the same success in the online realm as they've had. Stuart and his business partner Jay Kubasak are my mentors now and I'm continuing to be part of this wonderful family of like-minded people and support anyone who has the drive and desire to live a life on their own terms by taking advantage of the massively growing online opportunities.

Me and my beloved wife!

What I Want To Achive

My goal is to let as many individuals as possible understand that they have tremendous power to build their own lives and enjoy a life that they really desire. Learning new things and skills and sharing with others the wonderful possibilities the modern digital economy is providing.

I want to encourage and inspire people to have the confidence to break out of the status quo and gradually move towards greater aspirations in their own lives. When you don't have an aspiration or goal to achieve for your self you're likely going to get caught achieving other's dreams and ambitions.


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What I Values Most

    • Having An Open mind

      I'm still trying to be as open-minded as I can. I genuinely agree that having an open mind is of great importance in all aspects of our lives. Too much of today's society is dominated by ignorance, restricting perception, and distrust of something we don't fully comprehend.
      Only because I or someone else needs to believe in something that doesn't make it real.

    • Being Focused

      To be willing to concentrate and focus on the things you really do want to achieve is the secret to achievement. My determination to stay focused has contributed very much to my life. To get help with that, I picture in my mind where I want to go and what I want to achieve and I keep that in my mind all the time

    •  Investing in myself

      This could be achieved on several levels; body, mind, lifestyle, health, intellect, education, and so on. I still want to learn new things and evolve as a human. It's the same thing for us people as with corporations. In order not to break down, we must continually build and strengthen ourselves.


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